5th annual Corn Fest Fireworks Venetian Kayak Tour/  GLampout

You can do just the kayak tour or just the GLampout or both!

Come on down and camp out with us on the sandy wooded beaches of the Illinois River. Primitive only camping at its best right between the I & M Canal AND the Illinois river! Our kayaks/canoes will be right on the beach with us.  No noisy RV’s to listen to!  This is High End camping at its best.

Last year campers brought, baked brie, vegetarian chili, spice bread(made in a dutch oven), primal cookies and much more!

There will be a FIREWORKS show right across from our campground area.  Make sure to buy battery operated lights and decorate your boat up.  At 7:30 we will be paddling over out on the Illinois River area where we will have a venetian boat parade guided kayak tour and then raft up and watch the fireworks show!

Also if you dont have a tent, there are tents for rent.

This event is perfect for the first time camper!  We bring grills, ice water(just bring a water bottle & powder drink mix), firewood(for group campfires) and miscellaneous camp things so you don’t have to. We serve up a Full Hot breakfast including Starbucks coffee in the morning complete with eggs, bacon, pancakes for breakfast.

Less than 1 hour from Chicago

Never camped before? No problem! This is Perfect for the 1st time camper.
This is Full Service/All Inclusive

Going camping, but with glamour. A combination of the two words. It’s like regular camping , but with nicer things than usual, being warmer, and more comfortable. Glamping isn’t done by usual outdoor types who climb mountains.
“Glamp” out with us on the fully wooded sandy beaches of the Illinois River.  We start with a Potluck Dinner! Bring a dish to pass(see below).   If you want meat for dinner please bring it to grill on one of our many coleman camp stoves that we will have available or our open fire pit grill.  We will bring grills, water, plates, cups, silverware, napkins and miscellaneous camp things so you dont have to.     If you dont have a tent, there are tents for rent(includes free setup/takedown), or maybe someone has one to share! We will have campfires on the beach to enjoy! This event is perfect for the first time camper!    
Book through the links below.  There is limited availability for this event.

Kayak Morris Glampout Itinerary


Noon-5 camp set up , decorate your kayak with battery string lights and relax or hike or bike or fish

5:00pm bring potluck dishes to main camp area

5:30 PM Potluck Dinner in main camp area(we have grills, plates, cups, utensils, water, tang, etc.)

7:30PM We set out on the water to paddle our lighted kayaks over to the fireworks and watch from the water.

8:00 PM   Relax around the firepits



Breakfast  8-10AM main camp area

10am-those that booked with the guided venetian kayak tour(aprox 1 hour) also get a bonus FULL DAY RENTAL FREE on Sunday.

5:30 PM  Break camp


Here is what is INCLUDED with the group campout:

  • FREE Group CAMPFIRE(we supply wood and start/keep fire burning!)
  • FREE HOT BREAKFAST(eggs,ham,pancakes, etc.)STARBUCKS COFFEE
  • FREE GUIDED KAYAK TOUR(incl. with combo kayak/campout)
  • optional tent rental available(w/free setup/takedown)
YOU DON’T HAVE TO SCHLEP ANYTHING!(except maybe a smile!)


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