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Kayak Morris, on the Illinois River, is partnering with One Planet Adventures to host an ACA L2 Essentials of Kayak Touring Instructor Certification Workshop!

Potential participants should review the ACA Instructor Eligibility Requirements for this course. If you have a solid paddling background and would like to teach kayaking, this course is something to consider.

Course Fee: $350
*Instructor Candidates must be a current member of the American Canoe Association at the start of the course and also purchase the ACA Instructor Handbook.

anna Camp is available on-site for a nominal fee.

Instructor Eligibility Requirements:

Formed in 1880, the American Canoe Association is the leading provider of paddlesports instruction, education and safety curriculum.

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May take this workshop to become a certified instructor or to advance your skills further

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Level 2: Essentials of Kayak criterium
Skills Assessment
CKC – 10/2019

Assessment Overview: This ACA Assessment Course is designed to evaluate a participant’s ability to
perform all of the skills listed along with demonstrating an appropriate level of knowledge. This
assessment course provides the participant with the opportunity to receive documentation of having
achieved a certain level of paddling ability.
Note: This skills assessment may be used for both spray skirted kayaks, as well as non-spray skirted
kayaks. Skills requiring modification for non-spray skirted kayaks are followed by the footnote notation:
Bulkheads are not required, however, some form of flotation must be present to keep the kayak from
Essential Eligibility Criteria (EEC):
ACA courses are open to all individuals who acknowledge the ability to perform the following essential
eligibility criteria.
1. Breathe independently (i.e., not require medical devices to sustain breathing)
2. Independently maintain sealed airway passages while under water
3. Independently hold head upright without neck / head support
4. Manage personal care independently or with assistance of a companion
5. Manage personal mobility independently or with a reasonable amount of assistance
6. Follow instructions and effectively communicate independently or with assistance of a companion
7. Independently turn from face-down to face-up and remain floating face up while wearing a
properly fitted life jacket*
8. Get in / out of a paddlecraft independently or with a reasonable amount of assistance*
9. Independently get out and from under a capsized paddlecraft*
10. Reenter the paddlecraft following deep water capsize independently or with a reasonable amount of
11. Maintain a safe body position while attempting skills, activities and rescues listed in the
appropriate Course Outline, and have the ability to recognize and identify to others whensuch
efforts would be unsafe given your personal situation*
* To participate in adaptive programs, participants must acknowledge only the first six EEC listed above.
Entry-level adaptive programs will involve teaching and practicing EEC #7-11.
Course Prerequisites: Must be an ACA member
Course Duration: 1 day
Level 2: Essentials of Kayak
Skills Assessment
CKC – 10/2019
© American Canoe Association
Course Location / Venue: Calm, protected water with constant access to safe landing and within .5
nm from shore:
 Winds less than 10 knots
 Waves less than 1 foot (0.3 meters)
 Current less than 1 knot
 No surf – shore break less than 1 ft (0.3 meters)
Class Ratio: 5 students : 1 Instructor; with an additional instructor or qualified assistant the ratio can
be 10 : 2
Assessor: Level 2: Essentials of Kayak Touring Instructor (or higher)
Succeeding courses:
Level 3: Coastal Kayaking Skills Assessment1
Level 2: Essentials of Kayak Touring Trip Leader skills course1
The sequence of assessment should be adjusted to best fit the participant’s needs, class location and time
Introduction, Expectations, & Logistics:
 Welcome, introductions, paperwork
 Student and instructor course expectations and limitations
 Explain assessment procedure
 Course itinerary and site logistics
 Review waiver, assumption of risk, challenge by choice, medical disclosure
 About the ACA
 PFD policy (always wear on water)
 Appropriate personal behavior
 No alcohol / substance abuse
 Proper etiquette on and off the water
 Respect private property
 Practice Leave No Trace ethics
Conclusion & Wrap Up:
 Group debrief / individual feedback
 Course limitations
 Importance of first aid & CPR
 Importance of additional instruction, practice, experience
 Importance of appropriate level of safety & rescue training
 Life sport / paddling options
 Local paddling groups / clubs
 Handouts / reference materials
 ACA membership forms
 Course evaluation
 Assessment cards (if applicable)
Level 2: Essentials of Kayak
Skills Assessment
CKC – 10/2019
© American Canoe Association
Participant: ____________________________ ACA #: _____________ Date: __________
Location and venue: ______________________________________________________
Rating: - Passing N – Needs more practice.
Participant must be able to perform all strokes, maneuvers, rescues, and skills in the
appropriate venue. In addition the participant must demonstrate the appropriate level of
knowledge for this skill assessment level.
Lifting and carrying: Good, safe technique
Launching: Low dock or bank for entering
boat in a safe manner
Efficient forward paddling: 200
yards/meters in a reasonably straight line
Stop: Stop the kayak from a good speed,
forward and reverse
Reverse: 50 yard/meter paddle with
reasonable control
Rotate 360° on the spot using forward
and reverse sweeps
Turning on the move: sweep strokes while
Figure of 8: paddle a figure of 8 course
using a variety of strokes
Landing: return to dock / shore and exit
boat in a safe manner
Draw sideways: Move the boat sideways
15 feet (4.6 meters) (both sides)
Ruddering (stern)
Preventing capsize: Low brace
Low brace turn: a sweep stroke followed
by a low brace with on-side edge to assist
Kayak tripping: show evidence of at least
one day-trip of at least 5 nautical miles
Level 2: Essentials of Kayak
Skills Assessment
CKC – 10/2019
© American Canoe Association
Wet exit w/spray skirt1
Skirted wet exits must be modeled two
ways: (1) utilizing the spray skirt grab
loop and (2) releasing the skirt off the hip
Swim rescue: swim to shore (25
yards/meters) in full paddling gear and
drain boat Boat over boat rescue and deep-water reentry
Paddlefloat self-rescue1
Bulldoze boat to shore
Equipment: working knowledge of
paddling equipment
Safety: understand the dangers of
kayaking and how to avoid trouble
Cold water shock
Hypothermia and hyperthermia
Environmental issues
Trip planning
Group awareness
Securing boats to rack
1Skills not required for those participants paddling a kayak without a spray skirt.
Level 2: Essentials of Kayak
Skills Assessment
CKC – 10/2019
© American Canoe Association
Spray skirt: YES or NO
(circle Yes or No)
Assessor must be a currently certified ACA Instructor at
or above this level.
IT or Instructor:
ACA #: __________________ Date:
Assisting IT or Instructor:
ACA #: __________________