boy scout camping merit badge


The Boy Scout Camping Merit Badge is a badge that scouts can earn to demonstrate their knowledge and proficiency in camping skills. To earn the badge, a scout must complete a variety of requirements that cover topics such as planning and preparing for a camping trip, setting up camp, cooking and meal planning, wilderness survival, and Leave No Trace principles.

Here are some of the requirements for the Boy Scout Camping Merit Badge:

  1. Make a list of personal camping gear and clothing, and explain the proper use and care of each item.
  2. Help plan a patrol or troop campout, including making a list of equipment and food needed, and the responsibilities of each member.
  3. Show how to pitch a tent and discuss the different types of tents available.
  4. Demonstrate how to build a campfire and the safety precautions to take when building and putting out a fire.
  5. Discuss the principles of Leave No Trace, and demonstrate how to properly dispose of human waste and garbage.
  6. Discuss the importance of hydration and demonstrate how to purify water for drinking.
  7. Demonstrate basic first aid skills, including how to treat cuts, blisters, and burns.
  8. Discuss ways to prevent and treat hypothermia and heat exhaustion.
  9. Discuss the dangers of lightning and what to do if caught in a thunderstorm.
  10. Plan and prepare a menu for a camping trip, including cooking methods and necessary equipment.

To earn the badge, a scout must complete all of the requirements and demonstrate proficiency in the skills covered. The badge is a symbol of the scout’s ability to plan and carry out successful camping trips and to do so in a safe and responsible manner.