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Kayak Morris Campground Camping Rules

Our Rules are to promote a family friendly and safe camping experience

We reserve the right to evict anyone without refund for improper behavior or failure to observe our rules and regulations.

All Campers must check in/show ID at the Kayak Morris kayak Rental office and sign a waiver and receive a parking pass/wristband.  All Campers are required to wear wristbands.  All vehicles must have a Parking pass on the dashboard.  Anyone within camp area must have a wristband on.

You must be 21 y.o. to make a camping reservation.  If anyone in the camping reservation is under 21 then someone 20 years older must be present at all times camping with the person(s) under 21



Quiet hours are from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am and is Strictly Enforced Vehicular entry/exit is not permitted between these hours. Children should be on campsite by 9:00 pm.  If you violate this rule we may call the police file a report, you will be evicted without refund and you will be banned from ever camping again.


Check-in is at 3:00 pm. Check-out time is 3:00 pm.

Footwear must be worn at all times in the camping area.

No vehicles may be driven within the area where tents are placed at any time.  You must park your vehicle next to the road behind the barriers(which is only steps from your tent.)

The speed limit is 10mph in the campground.

We have Jumbo wood bundles for sale($10) at the front office.

You may not use any wood(>3”diameter) found within the campground for your campfire. 

Swimming is prohibited from any beach in the campground. You may wade up to your thighs however, ALL CHILDREN MUST HAVE A LIFE JACKET ON AND BE SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES

Glass containers/bottles of any sort are prohibited in the campground.

Garbage must be bagged and placed into the Dumpster(opposite campsite #3)  within the Campground upon leaving.  If any garbage is left at your site you will be charged a $50 cleaning fee.

No fires permitted except in fire rings.

Absolutely no axes chainsaws firearms or fireworks! IF FOUND YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE.

No ATVs, dirt bikes, generators, motorized scooters (battery or gas) or trailers in the park.

power boats or jet skis are only allowed in campsites  12 and up.

Dogs are NOT allowed in the Campground or in any rented boat(at this location)

WE are not responsible for damage or theft of your personal belongings.  Please leave all valuables at home.