UPDATE:  Covid-19

UPDATE:  At this time masks are optional due to CDC guidance.

Your health and Safety has always been of utmost concern to us. We want you to be able to enjoy the outdoors without the anxiety of COVID19. We have always practiced specific measures to prevent cross contamination and will be implementing further approaches.

We have always used a diluted bleach spray(WHO compliant) to clean both the PFD’s and the inside components of the kayaks. We will continue to practice these measures after each customer use. The CDC maintains that 1 minute of contact with bleach will kill the virus. 

Because we are an outdoor business, it is easier to maintain social distancing both on land and on the water. .  Our tandem(2person) kayaks are 15feet long and each person sits at least 6 feet apart. We also have single kayaks.

Regarding restrooms, we have always maintained ultra clean portapotties, with hand sanitizer, underarm spray deodorant, wipes and air freshener. We have always sprayed the entire inside down with bleach solution 3 times a day. We are making changes to this policy. 

As always, if you feel sick, have a temperature, are coughing please stay at home and get well.