Chicago Craigslist

has listings for many kayaks in the chicago area.  Chicago craigslist is a valuable source to locate used kayaks in chicago.  They have a wide variety of kayaks for sale in the chicagoland area. kayaks of all price points and lengths.  Check out craigslist chicago for your next “new to you” kayak
Kayaks of all shapes and sizes can be found at this website.  It is best to stick with a kayak that is twelve feet long or longer.  They typically track better in a straight line and also glide much better. There are also many kayak racks to transport your kayaks.  Thule and yakima are two of the major brands.  They offer fitments for a wide variety of vehicles.  Whatever your vehicle, they have crossbars and attachment pieces that will suit your needs.  My personal favorite is the Thule J bars.  They have rigid and also collapsible models.  The collapsible models fold down out of the way to offer less wind drag and also better esthetics.  The Chicago area offers many different waterways to try your kayak out on.  The fox river is a small river that runs primarily north to south on the westernmost edges of the Chicagoland area.  It offers many scenic areas, however with heavy rains this river can flash flood very quickly and is also not paddleable in the late summer due to its levels dropping very low.  The illinois river on the otherhand is not prone to flash flooding or low water levels because it is dam controlled by high head dams.  It offers safe paddling throughout the season and there are many very beautiful areas including the Morris area and also the Starved rock area.  One might see Bald eagles, towering st. peters sandstone bluffs and great american white pelicans on their journey.  Be sure to wear a PFD, personal floatation device or life jacket. www craigslist com chicago

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