Cub Scout Camping 

We offer many different packages to suit your troop’s needs. We can design custom packages as well. 

Here are the most popular offerings:

—Private 2 hour Guided kyacking tour(Kayak Starved Rock Campground Location) $59 per person(tandem kayaks)(includes 1 Free night camping)(if you book prior to May 1st includes 2 nights Free camping

—Private 3 hour Guided kayak tour $69 per person(tandem)(includes 1 Free night camping)

Camping only(no kayacking)per site is $29(includes 4ppl) and then 9per adult and 4 per child/pernight)(max of 10per site)


Your Troop may also join us on one of our public events as well We also have troops that join us for our preorganized GLAMPOUTS.  You will have your own campsite if you choose this option.

If you have less than 20ppl you can use the online booking and sign up for everything now

Dates are filling up fast! Reserve your camping kyacking dates now

Reserve your dates with a $100 deposit(if only camping email us instead) and then balance due 2 weeks prior.  

Call/Text us at 630-567-4653 to reserve your dates today!

or you may book your whole trip online right now!

kayak tour

Our tandem kayaks are very similar to canoes except they offer much greater stability.  With tandem kayaks you sit closer to the water so the center of gravity is lower.  Also tandem kayaks are 32″ wide so they offer much more stability over a canoe.  They also are not exposed to wind and weathercocking due to the fact that their freeboard is much lower, so this affords a more controllable ride in the kayak.  They also have two padded seats with back rests