How many ppl does a Tandem Kayak hold?

2-3ppl if the 3rd person is less than 60lbs(they ride as a nonpaddling passenger in the middle

Do you allow alcohol?

CAMPING:  We allow alcohol in the campground.

KAYAKING: WE DO NOT ALLOW ALCOHOL/DRUGS(consumed or stored )  in any rented kayak or in any kayak on any of our tours.  We also do not rent kayaks to anyone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

How old do you have to be to camp or kayak?

CAMPING: must be 21 to camp. If ANYONE in the camping reservation is under 21 then someone 20 YEARS OLDER MUST BE PRESENT AT ALL TIMES AND RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL PERSONS UNDER 21

KAYAKING RENTALS: must be 18 make a kayak rental reservation.  MUST Be 16 or older to ride in a single kayak rental.  if under 16 then must be accompanied by someone 16 or older in a tandem kayak rental

KAYAKING TOURS: 2hr beginner tour.  must be 18years old to make a kayak tour reservation.  must be 12 or older(and have paddled before) to paddle a single kayak on a tour.  Any age can ride as a 2nd passenger in a tandem kayak on a tour with an adult.

DO you allow swimming:

We DO NOT ALLOW swimming from our campground or from any rented kayak.  We do allow wading up to your thighs.  All children under 18 that are in the campground must have a life jacket(PFD) on when in contact with the water and be supervised by an adult.  Morris Municipal swimming pool is 1mile from the campground.  They have swimming and showers.

DO you allow dogs:

We allow dogs at our KAYAK STARVED ROCK CAMPGROUND only(We allow camping and in Kayak Rentals) You must sign a waiver for each dog that you bring. We do not allow you to tie your dog up and leave it unattended and they must be on a 6ft or less leash at all times and picked up after

Do we paddle down the river and you pick us up?

No.  All kayak rentals are out and back from our main office.  We are in a slackwater pool on the ILLINOIS RIVER.  This means there is no current.  You can easily paddle in all directions and there are many areas to explore including back water coves and the Mazon River and I & M canal.