Our Guided Kayak Tours are great for many reasons. 

1. Its a great way to explore a new area you are unfamiliar with.

  Come with us on your guided kayak tour as we lead you on a watertrail in this beautiful area.  No need to map out a trip as you are surrounded by guides.  We have a tour guide at the front and back of each and every group.  Leave the journey to us and we will brighten your day with a new adventure.

2.  We educate you about the area. 

We narrate your journey with the history of the area.  We tell of the flora, fauna and wildlife in the area as well.  We review the symbols of illinois along with showing you points of interest.   

3. We are there for your safety. Our guides are trained in CPR/1st aid, water rescue training and towing.  We are there to keep you upright and on a path to success as you pilot your kayak on this interactive journey.

4. It’s a safe way to be social.  Our kayaks are spaced out on the water yet kept together on the water as a group.  This means you are at least 6feet away from another person even if riding together in a tandem kayak as the tandem kayaks are 15 feet long and the seats are spaced evenly apart.  

5. Never kayaked before? We teach you.  Before each group goes out we teach a land based lesson.  We review the necessary strokes to get you up and going on the water.  We also teach you how to stop and go backwards in case you find yourself hung up on a sandbar in the water.