Clothing Checklist

The combination of wind, air temps and H2O temps can make choosing the right clothing a challenge. What we are offering are recommendations for when you paddle with us as a guide service. This takes into account MINIMUM H2O exposure and quick rescue. There are many options and combinations to achieve the appropriate clothing requirements.

Season Air Temps Water Temps
Spring 40° to 60° 38° to 59°
Summer 61° to 90°+ 60° to 90°
Fall 35° to 65° 48° to 65°
Winter < 50° < 45°

H2O Temps 38 to 45

  • Dry Suit
  • Layers:
    • Synthetic, insulating against skin or base layer including socks.
    • Synthetic, more insulating mid layer.
    • Synthetic, insulating socks.
  • Head gear: hat, balaclava…etc.
  • Hand wear: Winter paddling gloves and or Poggies.
  • Footwear: Neoprene paddling shoes or booties or a solid pair of old sneakers.

H2O Temps 46 to 59
Drysuits are optimal, but a 3 MM wetsuit (Farmer John/Jane) with fleece/synthetic layers and dry top is a good second choice.
*You may substitute a waterproof/ breathable paddle top for dry top with the appropriate amount of layers.
**High air temps may allow for a s/s paddle top with wetsuit.

H2O Temps 60 to 65
Air temps will help make the best decision.
*Rain and wind with cool air temps may call for wetsuit and paddle top.
**High air temps and sun may be just shorts and s/s top.
***These temps are not terribly dangerous, but you must weigh all variables: air temp, wind, weather, water temp, length of paddle and personal heat index.

60 degree H2O Temp
Marks when we can start to wear clothes that reflect air temps as opposed to water temps.

H2O Temps 66+
Finally warm weather! Shorts, swim trunks, s/s top, bikini.
*We are looking for sun protection and synthetics to cool the body during physical activities.
** Cotton is not our friend during watersport activities. It does not dry well and disapates body heat quickly. NO COTTON!! Cotton is Good for fashion, bad for performance. This means t-shirts, jeans, pants and shorts are not appropriate kayaking gear.