Kayaking near me there are a lot of areas to explore.

Two areas to explore are the Morris area and also the Starved Rock area. Kayak Morris

around Morris you will find many different waterways including the Illinois river, Mazon river and the I & M canal.  One may kayack in the sun or the shade depending on which waterway they choose to kyack.  Kayaking near me you will find an abundant variety of wildlife.  You may see wild turkeys near the sandy shorelines or you can kajak near starved rock state park

Stay at Starved Rock Lodge and you can go kayaking near me

Kayak Starved Rock Campground is located right on the illinois river directly across from Starved Rock State Park and has primitive camping for tent camping, pop up camping and tear drop camping.  Come explore Towering St. Peters sandstone bluffs, soaring bald eagles and beautiful lotus flowers.  We offer camping essentials to enhance your stay with us.  Jumbo wood bundles are for sale, along with sleeping cushions to make you more comfortable.  There are also tents for rent and these tents are 9 feet by 10 feet footprint.  We are just a short drive away from some amazing hiking at Starved Rock state park.  Come hike the 18 canyons with their towering sandstone walls and beautiful waterfalls.