morris community swimming pool

    morris community swimming pool morris community swimming pool

Morris Community Swimming Pool

Resident Child $1

Resident Adults $3

Non-Resident Child$8

Non-Resident Adult $8

Showers $1

Open Swim Hours:

Weekdays: noon-4pm, 6-8 pm

Weekends: noon-6pm


302 Northern Ave

Morris, IL 60450


morris community swimming pool

morris community swimming pool Once upon a time, in the small town of Morris, there was a morris community swimming pool that had been a staple of the town for generations. It was a place where families gathered on hot summer days, where kids learned to swim, and where friendships were made. However, over the years, the pool had fallen into disrepair, and the community was faced with a tough decision.

The town council had to decide whether to invest in repairing and updating the pool or to close it down permanently. Many people in the community rallied together to save the pool, recognizing its importance to the town and the memories it held for so many.

After much debate, the council decided to renovate the pool, and the community came together to make it happen. Volunteers donated their time and skills, local businesses contributed funds and materials, and the town rallied around the cause.

The renovations were a massive success, and the pool was transformed into a state-of-the-art facility with new features such as water slides, diving boards, and a modern filtration system. It was a great source of pride for the town, and people flocked to it once again.

The pool became a hub of activity, and people of all ages could be found there on any given day. Children learned to swim, families enjoyed picnics on the grassy areas surrounding the pool, and seniors swam laps to stay fit.

The morris community swimming pool in Morris had been given a new lease of life, and it was a shining example of what could be achieved when people worked together towards a common goal. It was a reminder that even in the face of adversity, a community could come together and make a difference.

Years later, when people reminisced about the pool, they would always remember the dedication and hard work of those who had fought to save it. They would tell their children and grandchildren about the Morris community swimming pool and the joy and memories it had brought to their lives.