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Looking to purchase a kayak?!  Many times I am asked, what type of a kayak that I recommend for someone to purchase.  Most times I am asked by complete strangers as well.  Not knowing much about someones, paddling style, places they like to paddle and other such needs makes this recommendation almost impossible.

Where are you paddling?

 I compare purchasing a kayak to purchasing a car.  It is a very personal decision and can be based on many variables.  One such variable is where are you going to paddle.  Are you going to kayak on an ocean, river, lake.  If so, what kind of conditions are you going to kayak in.  The type of kayak you need for kayaking big waves and / or whitewater may be completely different than the used kayak for sale needed for a placid lake paddle.  Also to consider is storage space.   Do you live in an apartment?  If so you may want to look at a shorter kayak(11-14 feet) or a modular or inflatable type.  Will you be camping out of your kayak?  Kayaks can range from the inexpensive to the ultra expensive depending upon materials and design.

Different types of Kayaks for sale 

You may be able to buy a kayak for $150 on Craigslist Chicago but its performance and design would not match that of a $4,000 kayak.  Craigslist Chicago is actually a great place to start looking if you are interested in an inexpensive kayak.  Many people purchase kayaks for sale new and then because their life gets busy the kayak sits in their garage and collects dust.  Craigslist Chicago has some great inexpensive kayaks but you can also find junk on there too.  The better brands to target include Perception kayaks, Wilderness Systems Kayaks, Dagger kayaks as great middle of the expense curve.

 Besides Craigslist Chicago you can also find deals at Outdoor Play.  They sell kayaks and offer tax free purchases and free shipping!  Here is a link to Outdoor Play sales and clearance center.  Well happy shopping for your next kayak!used kayaks for sale near meused kayak for sale

Looking to Buy a Kayak?

Don’t buy a junkie kayak at a low price.  We’ve compiled a listing of the best kayaks for sale at the best prices.  

Check them! Pay a Little more and buy a great kayak that will last forever!

Below are recommendations based on what we’ve tried and tested.

These are the kayaks that will take you through all the conditions!Glow Stick Products

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